Personal experiences with COPD

What to do once you know

Barbara went into action once she learned she had COPD.

Hear Barbara's story

What do you think?

It's a fact

While it does not replace a rescue inhaler, Pursed-lip breathing can help control shortness of breath.
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Living your life with COPD

Living with COPD certainly presents challenges, but you'll still be able to make decisions as you shape the kind of life you want to live with COPD.

Find ways to stay in control.
You could try to:
  •  Adjust your lifestyle to make room for new, healthful habits and exercise.
  •  Help manage your COPD by taking your medicines as prescribed by your doctor.
  •  Replace the activities that are difficult for you to do with things that are easier for you.
  •  Stay involved with others. Try not to withdraw from your family and friends. Lean on them for support when needed.
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