With COPD, life doesn't have to be full of "DON'Ts." There are plenty of activities and hobbies you can enjoy.

at home and in the community


Your computer is the gateway to an infinite number of learning experiences and opportunities. You can take classes, socialize with others, play games, and even volunteer. Here are some great things to try online:  Read More 

Online Learning Classes
From Ivy League to community college, many universities and colleges offer continuing education classes. You can learn a different language, try to master a new type of technology, or further your knowledge on a topic that interests you. Some of these classes may be free of charge.

Common Interest Groups
Search for online or local groups that share one of your interests, such as cooking, gardening, COPD, or volunteering. There are plenty of online opportunities where you can find information on volunteering.

Learn how to do something that's always interested you, like take better vacation photos, create your own wallpaper, or make the perfect ribbon bow.  Close 


There are places to see and people to visit. People with COPD do not need to avoid traveling because of breathing difficulties. Caution and proper planning may be necessary for some travel. For instance:
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Traveling to higher altitudes
This may be difficult because of lower oxygen levels at high elevations. Make sure to discuss traveling and your oxygen needs with your doctor.

Traveling via plane
The pressure in the airplane may affect your need for oxygen during the flight. Make sure to discuss the need for oxygen with your healthcare team before flying.

Talk to your healthcare provider about other precautions you should take when traveling.  Close 


Your lung disease may not directly affect your sexual ability. Talk to your healthcare provider about issues related to sex and COPD.

Pulmonary rehabilitation programs may have a class that addresses sex and COPD issues. Make sure to discuss any concerns you have with your healthcare provider.