Staying on COPD Treatment

Staying on your COPD treatment plan

Once you and your doctor have created a treatment plan, the next step is making it a part of your daily life. Here are some tips to help you get into the groove of your new routine.

7 Ways to Stay on Track
Tips to Stay on Track with COPD Treatment

7 ways to stay on track


COPD Tips: Make a Habit of Taking COPD Medication

Make it a habit. Take your COPD maintenance medication(s) at the same time(s) every day, as prescribed. Set a reminder on your mobile phone so you don’t forget.


COPD Tips: Get in Sync

Get in sync. Schedule your medication(s) along with other daily routines, such as before or after certain meals, or when you brush your teeth in the morning or evening.


COPD Tips: Stay Organized

Stay organized. If you need to use oral meds, use a weekly pillbox that has sections for each day and different times of the day. 


COPD Tips: Set up Prescription Refills and Text Reminders

Set up automatic prescription refills and text reminders. Just ask your pharmacy to set you up in their automated system.


COPD Tips: Travel Smart

Travel smart. Before you leave, make sure that you will have enough COPD medicine during your trip. It’s also a good idea to keep your medications with you in your carry-on bag. For extra peace of mind, keep copies of your prescriptions just in case you lose, misplace, or run out of your medicine.


COPD Tips: Keep Family Informed

Keep family and friends in the loop. Let them know if you need help getting to a doctor's appointment, using your inhaler, picking up your prescription, or completing daily tasks.


COPD Tips: Be a Team Player

Be a team player. Let your healthcare team know about any new symptoms or concerns and how you’re managing your medication routine. Need help jotting down all you need to say? Fill out the Doctor Discussion Guide and take it to your next appointment.

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