Know the Types of COPD Treatment

Know the types of COPD treatment

There are a range of COPD treatment options, and no single treatment strategy works for everyone. It’s important to understand what each treatment type does and how they differ. Being informed can help you partner with your doctor to create the right treatment plan for you.

Rescue inhalers and maintenance therapies: know the difference

A COPD treatment plan may include a rescue inhaler or both a rescue inhaler and a daily maintenance therapy. It’s important to know how they differ and understand that one does not replace the other. 


Rescue Inhaler

Daily Maintenance

What it does

Helps open airways in the lungs when you find it harder to breathe than usual. Helps keep your airways open throughout the day. Certain maintenance therapies may also decrease inflammation in the walls of the airways. 


Works quickly after you take it, and you may feel temporary relief within minutes. Helps to keep airways open throughout the day. With daily use, it can help improve lung function and may reduce COPD flare-ups. 

When to take 

Take only as needed, and carry your rescue inhaler with you at all times.

Take every day, as prescribed by your doctor. You should keep taking it even when you're feeling better.

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