Tools & Resources

There are many resources and tools for people with COPD. Use these tools and resources at home, with family and friends, and when you're meeting with your healthcare provider.

Take One Step

Take one step at a time when managing your COPD. Start setting some personal goals now.

Make a COPD Action Plan

I am going to talk to my healthcare provider about creating a COPD Action plan.

Discuss Pulmonary Rehab

I'm going to talk to my healthcare provider about pulmonary rehabilitation.

Get New Air Filters

I'm going to get new air filters for my air conditioner.

Try a New Hobby

I'm going to try a new hobby that is appropriate for me.

Meet a Friend

I'm going to make a date with a friend.

Talk to Your Doctor

Get ideas and take action to nurture a better relationship with your healthcare provider. Plus, find tools and suggestions to help you be prepared both before and during each visit.

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Know Your Role

  • Be Your Own Advocate
  • Guide Your Family and Friends
  • Always Be Prepared

Have a Plan

  • When to Call Your Doctor
  • What to Do In Case of a Flare-Up
  • Ask for Details About What's Included in Your Overall Treatment Plan
  • Smoking: How to Quit
  • Set Goals to Help You Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

Share Every Detail

  • Learn How to Recognize Symptoms
  • Discuss All Your Treatments
  • Identify Triggers
  • Get Specific About Smoking

Copd Checklist

Keeping track of your symptoms is an important part of managing your COPD. Complete this checklist before each doctor's visit. Give it to your doctor so he or she can evaluate your treatment plan and see if it needs to be modified. View COPD Checklist >>

Other Resources

To learn more about COPD and find support from others, try these helpful links.

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